External Areas

First impressions! We are happy to take care of the external areas too, such as washing down entrance doors, caring for patio areas and furniture. These areas can be exposed to particular issues such as large quantities of autumn leaves falling and seagull droppings making them look unsightly. We either manage these tasks ourselves or liaise with tradesmen to ensure that these areas are kept clean and tidy.

Window Cleaning

Arranged on demand or on a regular basis throughout the high season. We can also pressure-wash pathways, decking and patios in the spring, to remove all slippery substances prior to guests visiting. Pressure washing with an anti-fungal solution can revive a decking or house. This is an option which makes the property look like new again, without having to repaint.


We can arrange for gardens to be looked after with regular grass cutting, weeding and general sweeping of paved areas including keeping all planters filled with seasonal plants if required.

Garden Furniture

We can take furniture outside, when weather permits, for guests to use and store it undercover during bad weather. These items may need to be cared for after the sea air and the weather has taken its toll, with wood being treated for protection, or re-painted.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can occur for several reasons, either internal drainage problems or external factors such as autumn leaves falling. Either way, it could require urgent action. Blocked gutters can often be an issue too, so will need clearing. We have good tradesmen who can come quickly to resolve the problem for you.