From the initial call from the tenants or letting agency, to troubleshooting and discussing the options of repair and cost with the owners, we will keep the tenants informed the whole way through to make sure that their stay is disrupted as little as possible. Finally, we make sure that all work is complete with a follow up call to the tradesmen involved, then we confirm that the tenant is happy and finally call the letting agency to update them with the conclusion. This can be important, should the tenant wish to claim for compensation due to unforeseen disturbance or inconvenience.

Reactive and Pro-active Maintenance

All costs up to an agreed value are automatically carried out (eg changing light bulbs/any minor repair) and are billed according to the individual work done or pre-arranged. Owners are notified for larger maintenance issues or for all qualified jobs that need to be carried out; we search for competitive quotes before reporting back to you. We keep a full record of any maintenance work completed on your property to show if and when problems reoccur.

Co-ordinating Tradesman

We can locate specialist tradesmen to attend and repair items as needed, making sure (with a follow up service) that the repair has been completed and does not require a further visit.

Meter Readings

A current reading before bills are due can help with an accurate charge from the utility companies and save you getting those high estimated bills!

Project Management

Work undertaken out of season can be project managed and quotes from quality local tradesmen can be obtained at reasonable rates. Should any refurbishment or remedial work be needed, we can oversee it to make sure that all is going well. We aim to keep you fully informed throughout, being your ‘eyes on site’.

Pest Control

Should any unwanted ‘guests’ come to stay, our friendly and discreet pest control man can come to the rescue.

Hot Tub and Sauna

Regular service checks for hot tubs and pools can be arranged.

Chimney Sweep

Your chimney & flues require sweeping and checking regularly to work efficiently. Cleaning can help prevent fire and structural damage to your holiday home.


Regular service plans should be put in place for AGAs, Rayburns and similar appliances. This also applies to central heating systems and may include the safety certificates where required.


We have locksmiths available 24hrs a day should an emergency arise.